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Corporate Philanthropy Committees Represent JM Family at All Company Locations

Corporate Philanthropy Committees (CPCs), previously known as Community Impact Committees, were established in 2000 with the goal of enhancing the involvement of associates and the company in the community, while also supporting JM Family's four areas of philanthropic giving:

  • Empowering families and nurturing children
  • Providing for essential needs
  • Promoting education
  • Preserving our environment

JM Family has thoughtfully chosen these areas of focus as priorities for the Corporate Philanthropy department and are carried out as part of the mission in each location through sponsorships, volunteer activities and Jeans Days. CPCs also serve as “boots on the ground” in each of our locations to coordinate many of our companywide initiatives like the Spring into Giving hunger relief campaign.

An Alpharetta associate who served as a CPC co-lead wrote this about her experience in this role: “JM Family provides the unique opportunity for associates to lead philanthropic duties in addition to our work responsibilities. If it was not for the company's dedication to philanthropy, I would not have engaged myself and my son in the volunteering effort. I just wouldn't have the time and commitment. While work-related projects are rewarding, we tend to move on from those rewards quickly. When I have the opportunity to make a difference in the community, which puts a smile on a stranger's face, it stays with me forever."


Corporate Philanthropy Committee - Alpharetta


Corporate Philanthropy Committee - Commerce


Corporate Philanthropy Committee - Mobile


Corporate Philanthropy Committee - St. Louis


Corporate Philanthropy Committee - Westlake